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International Exhibition of Bonsai & Suiseki

Pilsen 2015

Traditional Culture

Bonsai building an international name for itself  

European Capital of Culture Plzeň was occasion for an expanded edition of the International Bonsai Exhibition organized by the Czech Bonsai Association. As well as the bonsai exhibition of some 130 pieces, the schedule featured a convention  for young bonsai talent, workshops and a suiseki exhibition. Highly-skilled bonsai practitioners from Mexico and seven European countries including Belgium, Germany and Poland showed work, and the three-day show was much bruited, drawing over 1400 viewers from within the Czech Republic and from such places as Germany and the Netherlands. To accompany the exhibition, bonsai master Masashi Hirao was invited to conduct workshops. Before visiting  Plzeň, Hirao displayed his talents at the Japanese pavilion at Expo Milan 2015. Hirao is truly active on a global stage.


5-7 June.  2015


Mestanska Beseda – Small Hall, the Atrium, and the Garden with the music pavillion

Main Guests:

Masashi Hirao, Japan Mark Noleanders, Belgie Enrique Castana, Mexico René Alber, Germany Rafal Wodzicki , Poland Luboš Šebek, Czech Republic

Mr. Masashi Hirao

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