Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

International contemporary art project “The Kunsthalle and the Villages”

Aarhus, Denmark

Fine Arts

Living together, creating together.
Production in residence with nine villages.


May – Sep. 2017


Viborg Kunsthal and the villages Hald Ege, Gludsted, Udby-Udbyhøj, Vellev, Voldby, Fulden, Skarrild, Lundø and Skelhøje, Denmark

Artist from Japan:

Chiho Ito, Takayuki Tomoi, Misa Namekawa, Yoshihisa Sano, Rikuo Ueda, Hiroshi Katayama, Toru Matsuoka , Takashi Ikezawa, Tetsuhiko Ide, Yoshiko Ide


Parallel program:

  • International Art Workshop

       Date: 25 Jun. – 8 Jul. 2017
          Venue: Gludsted
          Participant: Artists from Japan

  • Exhibition with Rikou Ueda and Steen Rasmussen

        Date: 25 Jun. – 8 Jul. 2017
           Venue: Gludsted


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