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INLANDIMENSIONS. Terayama Shuji’s “Nuhikun (Directions to Servants)” and “Madmen Class” stage presentations

Wroclaw, Poland

Performing Arts

Date / Works / Venue:

9 – 10 Oct. / Kyoujin Kyouiku (Education for Madmen)
Jerzy Grotowski Institute, Laboratory Theatre Stage (Sala Teatru Laboratorium)  (Wroclaw, Poland)  

12 – 13 Oct. / Nuhikun (Directions to Servants) 
Jerzy Grotowski Institute, Stara Piekarnia (Old Bakery) Stage (Wroclaw, Poland)  

Participants from Japan:

Banyu inryoku 
Ikenoshita theatrical company

Related program:

  • Rediscovering Terayama Shuji. Series of lectures and workshops on Japanese avantgarde art
    Date/ Venue: 14-20 Oct. 2019/ Jerzy Grotowski Institute
    Participants: J.A Seazer, Takata Keitoku, Nagano Kazufumi
  • Workshops for Artists 
    Date / Venue: 11 Oct. 2019 / Jerzy Grotowski Institute
    Artists: Ikenoshita, Ban’yuu Inryoku, Jerzy Grotowski’s ZAR Theatre 

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