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Gallery THE ROOM BELOW participated in the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm

Svarta Huset, Stockholm, Sweden

Fine Arts

Dialog of contemporaries among artists transcending geographical boundaries

THE ROOM BELOW participated in the Supermarket Art Fair, an international art fair held in Sweden. 64 galleries from 29 countries gathered there and gave presentations with various themes. They attended the Fair in order to widely introduce not only the arts placed outside of the existing art systems but also the creativity of artists with disabilities who have been continuing the creative activities. Thanks to the introduction of our activities by the local media, almost 4,000 visitors showed interest in our activities. It was a valuable experience that they could have discussions with artists throughout the world about the influence of the age of globalization and its issues. It is a great success that they could build international networks so as to continue and develop these discussions even after the completion of the Art Fair.  


15-19 Apr. 2015


Svarta Huset, Stockholm, Sweden

Participated artists:

Shin Button, Atsuko Kanazu, Minoru Yonezawa

THE ROOM BELOW gallery stand

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