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Espacio Reflex:Artist Exchange Program

San Sebastian2016


Japanese and Basque artists give depth to each other’s fine art and culinary cultures

From the Organizer:

Espacio Reflex is to bring in 2016 two artists from Japan. One chef and one multidisciplinary artist. The idea is to research into common themes between the Basque country and Japan. The location of San Sebastian and it relationship with the ocean provides a fresh material to join with a traditional cook in a Japanese way. This is a collaboration to investigate on the gastronomic habits of the two cultures. In the other side, they are planing to invite a contemporary artist to work with Reflex in a local based idea. 


Nov. 2016


Espacio Reflex


A chef and a multidisciplinary artist (T.B.C.)


Paradise AIR, Youkobo Art Space

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