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TAKITA Yojiro (middle)

EIGA-SAI 2015 Festival of Japanese Film and Culture

Pilsen 2015


Director Yojiro Takita discusses “the soul of Japanese cinema”

Featuring Japanese cinema and other culture with a different theme each year, the Czech film festival Eigasai has won many committed fans. In its eighth year of 2015 the festival offered events at five locations including Prague and Pilsen. The theme of the 2015 festival was to engage with death as depicted in film. In the face of a negative reaction against what might seem a weighty theme, the project was an ambitious one taking up the philosophical, robust message that to engage with death is to examine how to live our limited lives. Yojiro Takita, director of the film Okuribito, for which he won an Oscar and which set the tone for the 2015 festival, attended as a special guest and drew a tremendous local response, including an audience with the mayor and a special lecture at the university. His lecture proved a substantial event: both Tokita and those attending looked back over their own lives as individual human beings, holding a discussion of where society is headed and future generations from a global perspective.


5-11 Mar. 2015


Beseda Cinema

Main guest:

Yojiro Takita, Film Director


Retrospective of Yojiro Takita: “Okuribito”, “Onmyoji”, “Mibu gishi-den”, “Chikan densha: Shitagi Kensatsu” “Koshikei”  Nagisa Oshima “O-soshiki” Juzo Itami “Biruma no tategoto” Kon Ichikawa “Jisatsu sakuru” Shion Sono “Inochi ga ichiban kagayaku hi” Masayuki Mizobuchi

EIGA-SAI 2015 brochure

Director Yoji Takita (right)
Mayor of Pilsen (left)

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