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Audiences of the lecture of Nomura

Drawings by Holocaust Survivors – Creating Replicas of Drawings by M. Koscielniak

Tokyo, Japan

Fine Arts

The exhibition focusing on the drawings by M. Koscielniak, the Holocaust survivor was organized successfully. It was one of the series of successive activities I have dedicated my life for nearly two decades, the artist’ wife entrusted the precious drawings to me whom she put trust the serious writer about Holocaust, to safely preserve and exhibit to as many people as possible in Japan. This lecture that I talked this fact and my determination to return the drawings to Poland gave a great emotion to the audience. And they were given profound insight with the drawings and wish to show them to the next generation as well. In order to respond to the requests, I  am now seeking the way to obtain fund to create the accurate reproduction (replica) of the drawings.

Written by Michiko Nomura

Replicas to be completed:

Mid. Oct. 2016

Drawing creators:

J. Komski, M.Koscielniak, Terezin’s children

Related Programs:

・Drawing by Holocaust Survivors-Exhibition

    Date: 4-12 Jun. 2016

    Venue: Gallery X 

 Staffs: Sonoko Yamazaki (editor), Keiko Murakami( A-bomb victim in Hiroshima)

・Lecture of the drawings by Holocaust survivors

     Date:4-5 Jun. 2016

     Speaker:Michiko Nomura (Writer, editor, collector of the works), Sonoko Yamazaki (editor)

・ Study visit to Poland and Czech/ Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum and Terezin memorial Museum

     Date: 2-9 Mar. 2016

     Participants: Michiko Nomura with her 16 colleagues

『24hours in Auschwitz』 by J.Komski

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