Supporting Japan-related programs in European Capitals of Culture

DJ Live: Pilsner Night – Japan stage

Pilsen 2015


Cutting-edge culture speaks to all the world! Young Japanese artists working in Europe!

Plzeň is known for its many clubs and music studios. Plzeň Night, a music festival held on club stages around the city is how this aspect of the city’s character was reflected in the program of the European Capital of Culture. The venues featured music of varied genres, and attracting particular attention was Japan Stage, featuring Japanese post-rock and DJs. Seven groups of artists from Japan took part, instantly captivating the young people of Plzeň with a deep, cutting-edge program of stage performances, cosplay and other culture originating in Japan. The space brimmed with young fans eager to see the fresh and innovative program. Though superficially taking different approaches, these artists from a far-off foreign land transcended barriers with great ease and reached deep inside their hearts. The moment demonstrated that music truly is the world’s lingua franca.


23rd Oct. 2015




DJ Kyoka, DJ Miss Hawaii, Tomy Wealth, Tanukichi, DJ Miyukiss, MC Broko, Paulie Garand

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