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‘Cultural Mapping: Debating Spaces and Places’, Valletta 2018 Foundation Annual International Conference

Valletta, Malta


Discussing urban futures in Malta, crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe

It was in 2004 that Malta joined the European Union. A short ways to the south across the Mediterranean lie the North African countries of Libya and Tunisia. For geographical and historical reasons, the Maltese capital of Valletta, designated a 2018 European Capital of Culture, is suffused with the atmosphere of a crossroads of cultures and civilizations. The country became globally newsworthy and made a leap in name recognition in December 1989 when the American and Soviet leaders President George H.W. Bush and Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev met there to proclaim the end of the Cold War. Since joining the EU, Malta’s role as a bridge linking Europe, Africa and Asia has attained prominence, and the “Cultural Mapping” conference in Valletta was appropriate to our times of parallel globalism and localism.


22-23 Oct. 2015


Mediterranean Conference Centre and other (Valletta, Malta)

Japanese participant:

Hiroshi Okano (Professor, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University)

Related Program

  • Film screenings – David Jackson « This is not my house », Paola Ponti « RADICI »

23 Oct. 2015 / St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity (Valletta, Malta)

  • Spatium Clausum (specific installation by artist Trevor Borg)

22 – 23 Oct. 2015



Conference poster

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