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Contemporary Dancer Ryuzo Fukuhara “A Touch of Life”

Pilsen 2015

Performing Arts

Circle of contemporary dance linking Japan, Slovakia and Czech Republic

The dance form butoh formed in Japan in the 1960s around Tatsumi Hijikata and has now established itself as one of our time’s leading performing arts. Based in Slovenia, butoh dancer Ryuzo Fukuhara teaches at university and is also active in the vanguard of dance, taking part in the 2012 European Capitals of Culture Maribor and Guimarães, in Slovenia and Portugal respectively. In response to the request of local dancers, in Plzeň Fukuhara also offered a special workshop. Performed under a 250-year-old oak on an outdoor stage overlooking a lake, Fukuhara’s “Touch of Life” lodged firmly in many memories as a piece both mysterious and brimming with the dynamism of life. As it happens, Fukuhara has deep connections with Plzeň: He has performed there previously and has many fans in the city who look forward to further workshops and performances in future.


20, 21 Jun. 2015


The English Park of the Kozel Chateau (20 Jun.), DEPO2015 (21 Jun.)


Ryuzo Fukuhara


“A Touch of Life”

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