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Contemporary Dance Project: NANOHACH “The Woman in the Dunes”

Pisen 2015

Performing Arts

Express Kobo Abe’s  masterpiece through Human Body

Kobo Abe’s signature work The Woman in the Dunes is one of the great classics of modern Japanese literature. It has been translated into 20 languages, including Czech, and acclaimed overseas as well. Depicting symbolically the ordinariness of civil society and the truth and essence of the life force of human beings in it within a worldview like the boundary between reality and unreality, the novel has been compared with Kafka’s and enjoys a broad readership in the Czech Republic. Lifting ideas from Abe’s novel, Nanohach, a dance company based in the Czech Republic since its formation in 2004, took up the challenge of dance transcending the different Czech and Japanese cultures. Playing an outdoor venue that made the most of the uncanny space of an old fortress on a hill, Nanohach’s dance mesmerized a large audience with its overlays of the supple and the subtle.


13 Jun. 2015


The English Park of Kozel Chateau


Dance company NANOHACH (CZ) Ley Švejdová (Choreographer / CZ)


“The Woman in the Dunes” (Suna no Onna)

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