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Conference Movi…mente: Comparison between Japanese and Italian educational models of sports activity

Matera, Italy

Regional Activity



3 Jul. – 30 Sep. 2019 


Matera, Italy

Participants from Japan:

Mayor of Gotemba City (Sizuoka)
Director of Gotemba Elementary School (Shizuoka)
Educator of Gotemba Elementary School (Shizuoka)

Local organizer:

Fijlkam (Lucania territorial authority of the Italian Federation of Judo, Wrestling, Karate and martial arts)

website: www.fijlkambasilicata.i

Related Programs:

  • Conference Italy-Japan Comparison between two Cultures
    Date: Jul. 2019
    Participants: Mayor of Gotemba city and Director of Gotemba elementary school
  • International Campus and international Trophy
    Date: Sep. 2019

    Participant: Educator of Gotemba Elementary School
  • International Campus and 2nd Ed. Children European Grand Prix of Basilicata – Italy
    Date: Sep. 2020
    Participant: Educator of Gotemba Elementary School


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