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Bonsai Exhibition in Umea : Demonstration and Workshop by Takahiro Mori

Umea, Sweden

Traditional Culture

Bonsai culture takes root in Northern Europe

The Umeå branch of the Swedish Bonsai Society held the 28th Umeå Bonsai Exhibition. Established in 1986, the branch now has a membership numbering around 150. The group works to improve knowledge and techniques of bonsai cultivation through workshops and demonstrations held annually by instructors invited primarily from Europe. A host city of the European Capital of Culture in 2014, this year Umeå showed some forty bonsai works, including some employing materials taken in the wild from local habitats. In a first, the exhibition welcomed a Japanese instructor, bonsai master Takahiro Mori, who offered workshops and demonstrations, and provided critiques of members’ bonsai. Ranging widely across such technical aspects as shaping and display methods to theoretical questions such as how to open space, the program proved a valuable opportunity for the society members to make great progress in their future bonsai activity. At the bonsai show open to the public, many people from the local community enjoyed this “dialog with Nature”.


September 12-13, 2015



Culture House Klossen Umea



Takahiro Mori (Bonsai MORI)




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