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Bonsai Triennnale


Traditional Culture

High levels of achievement established among Polish bonsai enthusiasts. Contrastive demonstrations and contest for identifying young talent held simultaneously by Japanese and British bonsai instructors.

Triennale Bonsai is organized yearly in one of the three countries co-operating in the project: Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. This year’s edition in Wroclaw was somehow exceptional because of the number of expositors, of the trees – there were 43 exhibitors, 134 bonsai. Special appearance of Koji Hiramatsu and Kevin Willlson have made the slogan of the Triennale East meets West, West meets East exceptionally accurateThe program included: the main competition; New Talents Contest; Masters Demonstration and workshops by Koji and Kevin; Polish/Czech/German Demonstration. There was also a parallel program of Japanese culture including: kendo and iaido demonstrations and workshops, origami and chopsticks workshops for children, kimono demonstration and yukata dressing for visitors. To complete the wide program we needed the help by 17 volunteers of Polish Bonsai Association, 17 of NAMI Foundation and 5 of Wroclaw City volunteering. Triennale was a great meeting of bonsai enthusiast by also a great public event. We have a strong competition of many cultural events and the result of 1250 visitors seems really impressive.

(Grazyna Pogorzelska)


30 Apr. – 1 May 2016


IASE Hall (Wroclaw, Poland)

Japanese participant:

Koji Hiramatsu

Related Programmes:

Date Programs Venue
30 April 2016 New Talents Contest IASE Hall
Iaido – show and workshop
Kendo – show and workshop
Masters’ Demonstration by Koji and Kevin
Kimono show
How to use chopsticks – workshop
1 May 2016 Master’s workshop by Koji Hiramatsu
Master’s workshop by Kevin Willson
Kendo – show and workshop
Polish/Czech/German Show
How to use chopsticks – workshop
Origami workshop

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