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Dworzec Swiebodzki, between concerts, October 5th

Avant Art Festival Japan 2016

Wroclaw 2016


A festival dedicated to music and contemporary art from Japan.
Audiences were stunned by the extensive program including dance performances, installations, video and concerts.

Avant Art Japan 2016 Festival was held in 3-8 October in Wroclaw, and it involved 16 Japanese participants within 19 various events – concerts, films, performance, workshop and a photo exhibition. It was a unique opportunity to present to Polish audience the wide and various range of Japanese culture and art. For artists it was a unique opportunity to establish long term artistic cooperation (Nao Nishihara and Pawel Romanczuk project and residency – to be continued in future), to create a space to perform with each other for the first time (Phew, Alex Hacke), or to start planning the next year cooperation (Naoki Kato and Avant Art). Due to the long stay in Wroclaw, which was a suggestion of an organizer for all festival’s guests, the artists had opportunity to visit Wroclaw and to get familiar with Polish culture in assistance of Avant Art’s staff and volunteers.

–Written by Katarzyna Gołecka


3-8 Oct. 2016

Japanese artists:

Keiji Haino, Aya Irizuki, Phew, Nao Nishihara, Ken Mai、Buffalo Daughter (SuGar Yoshinaga, Yumiko Ohno, MoOoG Yamamoto), Ikue Mori, Group A (Sayaka Botanic,Tommy Tokyo), Kyoka, Aoki Takamasa, Naoki Kato, Keisuke Masuda, Junya Ishii, Masaaki Ueno
Guest Curator: Keiko Yoshida (1985 TOKYO Underground Gin Satoh – selected pieces’ exhibition)

Participants from other countries:

Balazs Pandi (Hangary)、Paweł Romańczuk (Poland)、Alexander Hacke (Germany)、Danielle de Picciotto (Germany)、 Zamilska (Poland)、Kristen (Poland), 2G (Poland)


Date Programs Artists Venue
3 Oct. 2016 Concert Keiji Haino Firlej
4 Oct. 2016 “Yximalloo” Tadhg O’Sullivan, Feargal Ward New Horizons Cinema
5 Oct. 2016 “Thread Clay”  Aya Irizuki Swiebodzki Station
Concert Phew
„Live from Tokyo” Lewis Rapkin New Horizons Cinema
6 Oct. 2016 “Mau Ka San”  Nao Nishihara, Pawel Romańczuk Paweł Romańczuk Studio
Concert Kristen  
Concert Phew、Alexander Hacke、Danielle de Picciotto Swiebodzki Station
7 Oct. 2016 XESDERCAS  Ken Mai Bar Barbara
Concert 2G Swiebodzki Station
Concert Buffalo Daughter
Concert Ikue Mori
“Live House”  Kevin Mcgue New Horizons Cinema
8 Oct. 2016 Concert Masaaki Ueno Swiebodzki Station
Concert Group A
Concert Nao Nishihara
Concert Kyoka
Concert Zamilska
Concert Takamasa Aoki
Butoh Workshop Ken Mai Bar Barbara
 “2045: Carnival Folklore” / Sierror! Naoki Kato, Keisuke Masuda, Junya Ishii Swiebodzki Station
5-8 Oct. 2016 1985 TOKYO Underground Gin Satoh – selected pieces’ exhibition  Gin Satoh Swiebodzki Station

Phew, Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto’s concert, October 6th, venue Dworzec Swiebodzki

XESDERCAS Ken Mai’s performance, October 7th, venue Bar Barbara

Gin Satoh’s photo exhibition, October 5-8th, venue Dworzec Swiebodzki

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