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ATOWA concert at San Telmo Museum

ATOWA Concert in “Peace Treaty Exhibition”

San Sebastian2016


The melody of peace from Hiroshima long awaited by the Basque people

From the Organizer:

“Peace Treaty” is one of the main projects of San Sebastian 2016. This exhibition, focusing on peace, has great significance for the Basque country because there was a conflict for the sake of regional independence for more than 40 years. Four radiated watches, which stopped at 8:15 due to the bombing, are exhibited in cooperation with Hiroshima Peace Memorial Site for this special occasion. As part of this project, San Sebastian invited young and professional music group “ATOWA” from Hiroshima, where enormous attention has recently been drawn by President Obama’s official visit. Their music can be delivered to the world with a message of peace.


5 Jul. 2016


San Telmo Museum


ATOWA: Koto (Kagura flute), Tomoko Kihara (Koto), Sayaka Tubokita (main pianist and composer), Shiho Nakagawa (soprano)

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