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Art Center Tabakalera: Curator Residence Program

San Sebastian2016

Fine Arts

Linking Japan and the Basque region: Artist exchanges with view to long-term relationships

From the Organizer:

The International Residency programme is one of the cores of the Artist’s Space. The aim of Artist’s Space is to provide artists and cultural agents resources for the development of artistic projects. These resources include working studios, technical equipment, an international residency programme, as well as a programme for supporting practices and enhancing their visibility. 

Curatorship is one of the core lines of the Artist’s Space. Around this matter we organize different activities such as a curatorial programme and a residency for curators. In our first curatorship curatorial open call, the resident spent one month in Tabakalera where she met few local and national artists and agents in order to develop a show exhibition in our exhibition halls by the end of 2016 .

In this sense, we want to make a residency exchanges with other institutions and initiatives. For this application we would like to begin and exchange between AIT and Tabakalera . This residency will provide time, conditions and space to work and know other contexts . A Basque curator will visit Tokyo for 4 weeks and a Japanese artist will visit San Sebastian, the proposal is that they spend together half of the residency in each country so they can meet spaces and agents hosted by the local curator.

Finally Tabakalera offers a project room where both artists can co-curate a project cycle during 2017, this cycle will show four site specific projects: two by Japanese artists and two by Basque artists.


28 Nov.- 25 Dec. 2016 ( Maki Nishida )

4 Dec.- 31 Dec. 2016 ( Haizea Barcenilla )



Participating artists:

Maki Nishida 

Haizea Barcenilla


Tabakalera ( Maki Nishida )

Art Initiative Tokyo (AIT) ( Haizea Barcenilla )

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