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Tanaka Kouichi, 7 dan, demonstrates technique

Aikido Seminar with Top Teachers

Traditional Culture

Czech aikido, boasting a history of 40 years
Within the five days of Aikido seminar participants had the unique opportunity to meet three top ranking teachers, who had for certain time been pupils of martial arts legend Nishio Shoji (1927-2005, 8 dan aikido, 7 dan iaido, 6 dan judo, 5 dan karatedo). Each teacher, being a holder of 7 dan Aikido, held two classes per day, so the participants could have attended six classes every day and most of us did so. Over one hundred people from Japan and Europe attended the seminar. Aikidoka from Japan, Czech, German, Austria, Poland and Sweden met together and enjoyed exchanging experience under guidance of the teachers.


Date: 12-16, Aug. 2015
Venue: TJ Slavia hall
Shihan (lecturer): Tanaka Kouichi, Takemori Yasuhiko


Aikido Dojo Pilsen

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