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Aikido seminar and Embukai

Pilsen 2015

Traditional Culture

Czech aikido, boasting a history of 40 years

Aikido is a modern martial art originated by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). The discipline has since developed into a global martial art with aikido organizations and groups in 130 countries around the world, around a hundred overseas missions dispatched annually from the Aikikai Foundation, and visits to the central dojo, or training center, in Tokyo made by practitioners from Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and other places. Founded by volunteers in 1992, the Aikido Dojo Plzeň offers daily training opportunities for both children and adults, and is active in hosting special seminars with instructors from overseas. Hosting a seminar offered by the late Shoji Nishio, who had studied with the founder of aikido, in 1998, and since 1997 engaged in ongoing exchange with Nishio’s pupil Koichi Tanaka, the Plzeň dojo’s efforts are active and sustained. Dojo leader Jaroslav Sip’s efforts facilitated three separate special seminars, training sessions and demonstrations in 2015 with instructors from Japan, Slovenia and Sweden. The Spirit of Harmony has taken deep root, with aikido as the common denominator, as practitioners engage in a sustained training regimen while working hard together in the spirit of self-improvement.


●Weekend Aikido course

Date: 6-7 Jun. 2015  Venue: Aikido dojo Plzen, Mestanska Beseda Shihan (master): Petr Krumphanzl Participants : Minori Suzuki

●International Aikido course

Date: 12-16 Aug. 2015 

Venue: Aikido dojo Plzen  Shihan (master): Koichi Tanaka, Yasuhiko Takemori, Stefan Stenudd

●International Aikido course

Date: 30 Oct. – 1 Nov. 2015 Venue: Aikido dojo Plzen, Shihan (master) : Kei Izawa



Date: 7 Jun. 2015 Venue: DEPO2015 Shihan:  Minori Suzuki, Petr Krumphanzl (5th dan)


Aikido Dojo Pilsen

Mr. Jaroslav Sip's respect visit to Doshu Mr. Moriteru Ueshiba on 21 Oct. 2014at the headquarter of Aikikai, Tokyo

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