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Tanaka sensei – warmup

Aikido dojo Plzen Seminar and Workshop

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Traditional Culture

Aikido was founded by Ueshiba Morihei around 1944. Since then it spread around the globe, through the great effort of Ueshiba sensei’s many students. Aikido dojo Plzen was established in 1992 as group of enthusiastic people. Besides regular training organizes at least two international aikido seminars per year, with prominent teachers from Japan, Sweden, France or Finland. Since 1997 Aikido dojo Plzen cooperate with Tanaka Kouichi, 7. dan aikido. In 2015, Aikido dojo Plzen took active part during the Pilsen2015 with three minor and one international seminar.
This year, they invite Mr.Kei Izawa, International Aikido Federation secretary general, and Koichi Tanaka to conduct weekend aikido seminars and a lesson about the life and philosophy of the aikido Founder.

Seminar 1 :

Date: 30 Jun. – 3 Jul. 2016
Venue: Plzen, TJ Slavia hall             
Shihan: Koichi Tanaka, Stefan Stenudd
Other participants: Stephan Schroder (Denmark), Alexander Ermakov (Austria), Hans Geshe (Denmark), Sylvia Mucke (Denmark), Anders Heinonen (Sweden), Horst Schwickerath (France) and other 60 people from Czech Republic
Related programs: 
  • Aikido seminar with Tanaka Kouichi
    Date: 24 to 26 Jun. 2016
    Venue: Berlin and Denmark

  • Aikido DAN grading
    Date: 2 Jul. 2016
    Venue: Plzen, TJ Slavia hall

Seminar 2:

Date: 27-29 Jan. 2017
Venue: Plzen, 31st Elementary School               
Shihan: Kei Izawa 

Research Travel:

Travellers: Jaroslav Sip, Head Teacher of Aikido dojo Plzen
                        Jiri Basl,chairman of Aikido dojo Plzen
23 Sep. – 6 Oct. 2017
Location: International Aikido Federation Congress, Takasaki, Gunma

Tanaka sensei – teaching suburi

Handing out the 5 dan certificate to Vaclav Teichman

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