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3th Basque Japanese Meeting: the Future of Traditional Sporting Games and in the Edge of Global Sports

San Sebastian2016


Basque and Japanese researchers discuss the roles of traditional culture and sports in international society

Olympic Games are the brainchild of current globalization. The countries’ international prestige is at stake in the swimming pools, running tracks and football pitches. The games are the field test of greater geopolitical agendas: a good medal count is the best credit a ruler can get.

Far from the sport event, the exchange between East and West has enriched both sides. Europe gets a glimpse of a new philosophy that, under the influence of eastern thought can unite western mind and body in a radical manner. The Far East in turn, can find in the permanence of European traditional games a vital essence, a local identity that inspires a new way of doing things, a new model in which they may project their own conviviality.

Written by Professor Joseba Etxebeste Otegi


5 Sep. 2016


Miramar Palace           

Japanese participant:

Pr.Kazuyuki TAKETANI. University of foreign studies of KOBE
Pr.Hironori FUNAI. Institute of sporting culture of XXI century
Pr. Osamu NISHITANI RIKKYO University. Tokio

Other participant:

Pr. Joseba Etxebeste Otegi, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)
Pr. Jesús Mari, Ilundain-Agurruza Linfield College (USA)
Pr. Pere Lavega Burgués, National Institute of Physical Education of Catalunya (INEFC- LLEIDA)
Pr. Axier Oiarbide Goikoetxea, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)
Pr. Estibaliz Romaratezabala Aldasoro, University of Basque Country (EHU-UPV)

with seminar participants

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