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Grant for Projects-details

Please Check which of the following categories your project falls into, and click on the link for the application document information beyond;

As the 29th EU-Japan Fest

  1. If your project will be held in –
    Timisoara 2021-2023 (Romania),
    and Eleusis 2021-2023 (Greece) 

  2. If your project is postponed project from the 29th EU-Japan Fest and held in-
    Novi Sad 2021-2022 (Serbia),
     and other cities in Europe and Japan

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As the 31st EU-Japan Fest:

  1. If your project will be held in –
    Veszprem-Balaton 2023 (Hungary) 

  2. If your project will be –
    Continuous and developed projects from past European Capital of Culture,
    Preparatory projects for future European Capital of Culture

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