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Apply 29th/2023 as of August 2022

Aug. 2022

EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

Grant Application Procedures

For the 29th of EU-Japan Fest in 2023


The Committee accepts applications for projects meeting the following conditions
that have followed the specified application procedures.

INDEX: Projects Eligible for Support | Eligible Applicant | Projects Ineligible for Support | Criteria for Selection | Grant Amount Priorities | Application submission dates and deadlines | From Application to Grant Provision | Online Application and download

Projects Eligible for Support 

*    Projects organized, supported and recommended by the European Capital of Culture:
      As the 29th in 2023: Timisoara 2021-2023 (Romania) and Eleusis 2021-2023 (Greece).

*    Postponed projects from the 29th EU-Japan Fest and held in:
      Novi Sad 2021-2022 (Serbia), other cities in Europe and Japan 


Eligible Applicant

* The European Capitals of Culture

* Local organizer of projects in the European Capitals of Culture (Past and future ECoCs are included)

* Local organizers/ artists in Japan as host of the projects


Projects Ineligible for Support:

Where the following apply, a project shall not receive support even if it meets conditions for eligibility.

*    Projects with activities limited to the year of a given European Capital of Culture and without prospects for continuation and development into later years.
*    Projects lacking an established framework of cooperation between the organizer and the artist/group.
*    Projects lacking the character of being rooted in a community.
*    Projects otherwise deemed not suitable by the Committee.


Criteria for selection

*   The project activity must meet the criteria of our committee’s Basic Policy.
*   Organizers and participating artists (or groups) must exercise thorough research, preparation and publicity regarding the project activity.
*   Organizers and participating artists should be independent in every aspect and have a reliable budget.

–Details of Support Criteria and Grant Information Financial Resource

Grant Amount Priorities

1. Priorities depending on the Year of European Capital of Culture:  

1st priorities:
Host cities of European Capitals of Culture.
As the 29th EU-Japan Fest in 2023: Timisoara 2021-2023 (Romania) and Eleusis 2021-2023 (Greece). 

*Our grant priorities are made depending on the following order.
-Priority 1: Projects organized, co-organized or supported by European Capital of Culture  
-Priority 2: Projects that are not part of the official project of a European Capital of Culture shall be accorded priority where a European Capital of Culture expresses expectations and recommendation for their long-term development.

●2nd priorities:
*As the call for projects in 2023 for past European Capitals of Culture (1993-2022/51 cities) and future European Capital of Culture (2024-2027/9 cities), please check the details for the 31st of EU-Japan Fest.

*Implementation from the 29th EU-Japan Fest, Novi Sad 2021-2022 (Serbia)  can be submitted through this page. The projects approved in 2021 and 2022 but postponed ones are the same. 

2. Priorities depending on the applicant fundraising:

In conducting audits, the Committee will attach importance to the following. Please provide specific information in the application form.

<In Europe>
 Are the European Capital of Culture and the local organizer seeking grants from governments or public bodies and foundations? [Essential precondition]

<In Japan>
 Are the participant group and/or artist seeking grants from the Japanese government or public bodies and foundations, and engaged in crowdfunding or like means of fundraising?


Application submission dates and deadlines

Main call deadline: 30 September 2022

Project coverage: 
 #ECoC-Timisoara, Eleusis: January – December 2023 
 #Other ECoCs: April 2023 – March 2024

※Only in the case we have the remaining amount of the budget, 
    we will accept applications in accordance with the following priority order.

Online application system Deadline Result expected Project coverage period
1 September 2022 
Main call (1st call): 
30 September 2022
31 October 2022

ECoC-Timisoara: January – December 2023 
ECoC-Eleusis: January – December 2023
Others: April 2023 – March 2024


1 December 2022 

2nd Call:
31 January 2023
28 February 2023   ECoC-Timisoara: April  – December 2023 
ECoC-Eleusis: April – December 2023
Others: April 2023 – March 2024


1 March 2023

3rd Call:
31 March 2023
30 April 2023 ECoC-Timisoara: July – December 2023 
ECoC-Eleusis: July – December 2023
Others: July 2023 – March 2024


1 May 2023

4th Call:
31 May 2023
30 June 2023 ECoC-Timisoara: September – December 2023
ECoC-Eleusis: September – December 2023
Others: September 2023 – March 2024

From Application to Grant Provision

  1. The applicant submits application form and documents
    Applicant → EU–Japan Fest Japan Committee

  2. Committee forwards decision (approval or rejection) on application by email.
    EU–Japan Fest Japan Committee → applicant

  3. Applicant replies with confirmation by email
    Applicant → EU–Japan Fest Japan Committee

  4. Following the conclusion of the supported project:
    The applicant submits activity report (via the electronic form) and printed material (by post) within 1 month after completion of the project.
    Applicant → EU–Japan Fest Japan Committee

  5.  Payment of grant made (by bank transfer) within 3 weeks of receipt of materials in step 4 above
    EU–Japan Fest Japan Committee → applicant

Important notice:

* EU-Japan Fest receives many inquiries about artists we support for new connections or projects from past, current and future ECoCs. To further encourage collaboration between ECoCs and Japan, we have launched a portfolio website of Japanese artists or international artists based in Japan – “Meet Up ECoC!“. We would like to ask participating artists to register “Meet Up ECoC!” as it enables other ECoCs to reach the information. Please inform the Japanese artists/international artists based in Japan whom you are going to collaborate. 

*If your project is downsized after the approval, our grant is also subjected to be downsized.

Online Application and download

*Support Request Letter 
 –Support Request Letter for EUJF *REQUIRED FOR ECoC 2023~2027

*For instruction:
  –EUJF application instruction 2023

*For your information:
  –Support Criteria and Grant Information Financial Resource

*Welcome to Electronic Application System
  –Registering for online application account 

* Grant application forms and submission guidelines are subject to change without notice at any time.
* Applications shall be accepted in accordance with conditions stated in the most recent version of the guidelines.

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