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【版画アーティスト募集】Hambis版画美術館 (キプロス) オープンコール


Views on Contemporary Japanese Printmaking – Cyprus 2017

2017年の欧州文化首都パフォス (キプロス) の公式プログラムの一環として、Hambis版画美術館にて”Views on Contemporary Japanese Printmaking” が企画されています。この版画展はHambis版画美術館とAnimafest Cyprusが共同で開催し、来年に向け本展へのオープンコールを行っています。



Open Call
Japanese printmaking artists

Dear Printmaking Artists,

Animafest Cyprus – Views of the World and ASIFA Cyprus, in collaboration with Hambis Printmaking Museum, the Organization EU Japan Fest and the Organization European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017, has the pleasure to announce an open call for Japanese printmakers to participate in an exhibition under the general title: “Views on Contemporary Japanese Printmaking – Cyprus 2017”. The exhibition will take place between July and December 2017 in Cyprus.

The opening of the exhibition will be held at the Medieval Hall at Palaepafos archeological site, an UNESCO world heritage monument in the Pafos district. It will later travel to Hambis Municipal Printmaking Museum in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.

Japan is a country with a long printmaking tradition and exiting contemporary culture. The curators’ aim is to present a selection of recent prints by contemporary Japanese printmakers, noted for quality, innovation and originality in their work. Each invited artist may participate in the exhibition with two prints on a free subject matter. Paper sizes are: minimum 30X50 and maximum 70 x 100 cmAll traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques are eligible for the exhibition. The works must have preferably been produced no later than the year 2000.

After the curators’ final selection of prints, all artists who have submitted their work will be notified. A colour catalogue in Greek, English and Japanese, containing the reproduction of a work for each artist, will accompany the exhibition. The catalog will be sent to all participants, as well as to museums, art critics, libraries, specialist Press, etc.

【The deadline for submitting the prints】
-November 30, 2016

【Options for submitting the prints】
 -Electronically through the on-line submission form (see details below)
 -Sending a printed copy via mail (see details below)

The selection will be completed by December 31st 2016 and the artists will be notified by January 15 2017.

The selected works will be forwarded not later than FEBRUARY 28, 2017, at the expense of the sender, without glass or passe- partout (tube or rigid cardboard packing is advised) by registered letter, to Cyprus. Artists will be notified of the address details at a later stage. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reproduce an artwork for promotional purposes. In case of a request to purchase, the organizers will put the prospective buyer directly into contact with the artists. Donations of prints to the Hambis Printmaking Museum will be highly appreciated. These prints will be included in the International collection of the Museum, open to the public for the study and greater appreciation of printmaking art.

For more info please contact
Mr. Yiorgos Tsangaris
  (Chairman of Hambis Printmaking Museum & Artistic director of Animafest Cyprus)
Mr. Hambis Tsangaris (Printmaker& founder of the Hambis Printmaking Museum)

Email: info@hambisprintmakingcenter.org.cy
Website: www.hambisprintmakingcenter.org.cy or www.animafest.com.cy

For Submitting your work please use our online application form which you can find here: www.hambisprintmakingcenter.org.cy
If you choose to send us printed copies of your work, please mail it to either of the following postal addresses:

ADDRESS 1 (for regular mail)
    Animafest Cyprus – Hambis Printmaking Museum
    Att: Yiorgos Tsangaris
    P.O. BOX 20675
    1662, Nicosia (Hilton area BO9)

ADDRESS 2 (for courier dispatches)
 Animafest Cyprus – Hambis Printmaking Museum
 Att: Yiorgos Tsangaris
 60 Kennedy Ave.
 Pallouriotissa, APT 301
 1046 Nicosia

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to your participation.

The Organizing Committee

Animafest Cyprus Views of the world is the official Cyprus Animation Festival funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. Since its inception in 2002, the festival has been organized in the countryside, and this practice continues to this day, giving it its unique character (Countryside Animafest Cyprus). The festival focuses on contemporary independent animated films from all over the world. It includes international and Cyprus competition sections with an international jury committee. Its various activities throughout the year include the annual Countryside Animafest Cyprus, expert seminars and workshops, academic forums, special screenings, etc. In this way the festival initiates international collaborations and provides opportunities for artistic growth. In general the festival contributes in every possible way in the development of the field of animation in Cyprus. In May 2013 the ASIFA Board approved the foundation of the ASIFA Cyprus chapter, based on the application by the artistic director of Animafest Cyprus Yiorgos Tsangaris.
More info about Animafest Cyprus here: http://www.animafest.com.cy/en/

Hambis Printmaking Museum was founded in November 2007 by the Cypriot printmaker Hambis and its principal goal is the promotion and development of the art of printmaking, both in Cyprus and internationally. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus funds the Museum. The museum owns an extensive collection of over 3,000 original prints in every printmaking technique. The collection includes old books and maps, tools for all printmaking techniques, photographs, other documents etc. Prints in every method and technique, by artists from all over the world, and dating from the 16th century until today are included in the museum’s permanent collection. The goals of the Museum in the areas of artistic creation, education and research are realized through a variety of events and activities such as educational programs for adults and children, which include specialized tours and workshops, workshops on a variety of subjects for those interested in learning more about the art of printmaking, seminars, lectures and periodic exhibitions, and specialized workshops on various printmaking techniques, taught by professional printmakers and visiting academics from Cyprus and abroad. Furthermore the Museum offers hospitality to students and artists from abroad, in the framework of cultural exchange, a policy that the Museum has followed since its foundation. In 2017 the new Hambis Municipal Museum of Printmaking will be inaugurated in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. In this museum, situated in city’s cultural hub, visitors will become acquainted with the history of printmaking, its techniques and materials.

Prints of Printmaker Hambis, the founder of the Museum are available for viewing here:

An indication of the Museums collection is available for viewing here:

Photos of the Museum is available for viewing here:

European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017


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