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High levels of achievement established among Polish bonsai enthusiasts. Contrastive demonstrations and contest for identifying young talent held simultaneously by Japanese and British bonsai instructors.

Triennale Bonsai is organized yearly in one of the three countries co-operating in the project: Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. This year’s edition in Wroclaw was somehow exceptional because of the number of expositors, of the trees – there were 43 exhibitors, 134 bonsai. Special appearance of Koji Hiramatsu and Kevin Willlson have made the slogan of the Triennale East meets West, West meets East exceptionally accurateThe program included: the main competition; New Talents Contest; Masters Demonstration and workshops by Koji and Kevin; Polish/Czech/German Demonstration. There was also a parallel program of Japanese culture including: kendo and iaido demonstrations and workshops, origami and chopsticks workshops for children, kimono demonstration and yukata dressing for visitors. To complete the wide program we needed the help by 17 volunteers of Polish Bonsai Association, 17 of NAMI Foundation and 5 of Wroclaw City volunteering. Triennale was a great meeting of bonsai enthusiast by also a great public event. We have a strong competition of many cultural events and the result of 1250 visitors seems really impressive.

(Grazyna Pogorzelska)


30 Apr. – 1 May 2016


IASE Hall (Wroclaw, Poland)

Japanese participant:

Koji Hiramatsu

Related Programmes:

Date Programs Venue
30 April 2016 New Talents Contest IASE Hall
Iaido – show and workshop
Kendo – show and workshop
Masters' Demonstration by Koji and Kevin
Kimono show
How to use chopsticks - workshop
1 May 2016 Master's workshop by Koji Hiramatsu
Master's workshop by Kevin Willson
Kendo – show and workshop
Polish/Czech/German Show
How to use chopsticks - workshop
Origami workshop

A modest tale inspired by pine trees surviving disaster. This performance by two Tohoku-born artists evoked quiet passions in Wroclaw.

Initial mime play has been performed by two Japanese artist from Tōhoku - actress Yumi Sato and pianist Ko-Ta Ishihara. They created a short study inspired by the sole pine tree which survived the cataclysm. In 2015 Yumi arrived to Wroclaw to improve her stage technique, after few attempts finally finding her place at workshops organized by Fundacja Pantomima and conducted by Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska, former actress of Wrocławski Teatr Pantomimy. The meeting gave further impulse of creating new performance in international collaboration of the three artist. Katarzyna has created new story, direction and choreography. Yumi was starring as the main character of Jazz Singer, Katarzyna as Protective Spirit and Ko-Ta Ishihara playing his music live, appeared as Beloved Man. Traditional culture was consulted by Yumi's mother, a tea ceremony master. The public reception of the performance both as an artistic project and as a commemoration of the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 is difficult to be objectively measured in terms of involved emotions – we can only say that we have seen a strong experience on the faces and in the short talks just after the show.

(Maciej Pogorzelski)


11 Mar. 2016


Sala Kameralna

Japanese artist: 

Yumi Sato (actress pantomime), Ishihara Kota (pianist)

Related Programme:

  1. Feb. -11 Mar. 2016Mime workshop and rehearsals for the performance by Yumi Sato Klub pod Kolumnami, Tropical Dance, Chamber Hall Impart
6-11 Mar. 2016Rehearsals for the performance by Ko-Ta


 Kendo, kyudo, iaido, aikido . . . Dream competition with the traditional martial arts of Japan together under one roof.

Japanese Martial Art Festival was an unique opportunity for a meeting of the Polish and European adepts of Japanese martial arts: kendo, iaido, aikido and kyudo with their Japanese sensei and a meeting between the martial arts disciplines with each other.  The two days open to the audience included: kendo competition (Nami Kendo Taikai), kyudo tournament (The First Tournament of the Polish Kyudo League), kyudo demonstration by Japanese masters, iaido training, and aikido demonstration. Additional events were held parallel: Japanese calligraphy show and Japanese chess tournament. 10 of the Japanese sensei and about 200 of Japanese martial arts adepts have met during these days spreading Japanese culture among Wroclaw citizens and developing features, such as courtesy, self-control and modesty. 

Written by Julian Gorski


24-25 Sep. 2016



Sports Hall of the 9th High School (Wroclaw, Poland)


Japanese participant:

Hironobu Yamashiro (8-dan Hanshi Kendo), Hisao Horiguchi(7-dan Kendo),
Masami Wakamatsu (7-dan Kendo), Hidefumi Ishizaka (6-dan Kendo), 
Yuichi Saito (6-dan renshi)
Norio Furuichi (8-dan Iaido, 7-dan Kendo)
Kinich Sawada (8-dan Hanshi Kyudo), Hisayuki Toba (8-dan hanshi)
Etusji Horii (7-dan Aikido)

Related Programs:

Date Program Lecturer Venue
22-25 Sep. 2016 Kyudo Seminar  Hisayuki Toba, Kin’ich Sawada, and Polish kyudo teachers Training Hall at Sobotka
23-24 Sep. 2016 Kendo Seminar Hironobu Yamashiro, Japanese and Polish kendo teachers  MCS Wroclaw Training Hall
24-28 Sep. 2016 Iaido Seminar Norio Furuichi 9th High School, Wroclaw Physical University Training Hall
22-23 Sep. 2016 Aikido Seminar Etusji Horii Wroclaw Physical University Training Hall
24-25  Sep. 2016 3rd Wroclaw Shogi Open Championships  Wojciech Jedynak (Shogi instructor, Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI)  9th High School 

Traditional etiquette of Japan wins attention in Europe. Lecture on etiquette, archery practice and workshop on manners by 31st-generation descendant of Ogasawara School's originator.

Three main cities in Poland have been visited: Kraków, Wroclaw and Warszawa. In each of the locations there were lectures, workshops and presentations held. In each of the cities a substantial number of participants had an opportunity to experience, recognize and understand and practice the basic forms of the traditional Japanese etiquette. Active lectures and workshops participation and public radio interview have brought a very big interest for continuing this form of presentation of the Japanese culture in the future. There is a substantial interest in arranging a yabusame (horse mounted archery) and the Ogasawara family treasure exhibition as a part of the 100th Anniversary of the Japanese-Polish diplomatic relations establishing celebration in 2017/2018.

(Witold Rychłowski) 



21-22 Jun. 2016  

Japanese lecturer:

Japanese participant: Dr. Kiomoto Ogasawara (The 31st head of the Ogasawara-Ryu clan), Mrs Junko Ogasawara, Mr Akiyoshi Kawamura, Mrs Kimiko Fukada


Polish-Japanese Friendship foundation “Nami”

Related programme:




20 Jun. 2016

Lecture workshop and presentation 

Manggha Musem (Kraków, Poland)

23-25 Jun. 2016

Warsaw University, Służewski Culture, Centruk culture and sport (Warsaw, Poland)

24 Jun. 2016

Radio interview by Dr. Kiomoto Ogasawara

Warsaw, Poland

Jonathan Nott conducting the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, now boasting world-class performances. Wroclaw performance on European tour marking the orchestra's 70th anniversary.

Tokyo Symphony Orchestra is invited to Wroclaw and present the Orchestra under the program of the European Capital of Culture. They are going to present the artists at the National Forum of Music – a new top-notch concert hall, that has been recently opened and highly acclaimed. The project consists of one concert in the main concert hall of the National Forum of Music. Its aim is to create long lasting creative synergies between Polish and Japanese artists that will result in long-term collaboration for the future.

(Piotr Turkiewicz)


Oct. 20, 2016


National Forum of Music (NFM) Main Hall

Artists from Japan: 

Conductor: Jonathan Nott, Violin: Isabelle Faust,
Orchestra: Tokyo Symphony Orchestra


Toru Takemitsu - Requiem for strings, Debussy - La Mer, Brahms – Symphony No. 1

A fusion of jazz and classical Japanese court music performed by first-rate musicians.

In the Jazztopad Festival 2016, a group of the top Japanese artists will join. They define the improvised and traditional scene and reach deeper into the nooks and crannies of the Japanese sounds. The artists are to be presented at the National Forum of Music – a new top-notch concert hall, that has been recently opened. The project will be presented in the framework of European Capitol of Culture. The program will consist of two major concerts plus several smaller ones, all at NFM and private living-rooms, as well as of some workshops. This programme intends to create long lasting creative synergies between Polish and Japanese artists that will result in long-term collaboration for the future.

(Piotr Turkiewicz)


24-27 Nov. 2016


National Forum of Music (NFM)


●Traditional Japan Concert
 Date:24 Nov. 2016
   Venue: National Forum of Music
 Artisit: Ko Ishikawa (sho), Koichi Makigami (voice), Michiyo Yagi (koto),
   Akikazu Nakamura (shakuhachi), Yumiko Tanaka (futozao shamisen)
●Improvised Japan Concert
   Date: 25 Nov. 2016
   Venue: National Forum of Music
 Artisit: Tamaya Honda (drums), Tsuneo Imahori (guitar), Keisuke Ohta (violin),
   Akira Sakata (reeds), Masahiko Satoh (piano)

 Related program:





24 Nov. 2016


Chizuru Fukuhara (tsuzumi)

The National Forum of Music(NFM)

24 Nov. 2016

Discussion Panel

Koichi Makigami (voice),Masahiko Satoh (piano),Daysuke Takaoka(tuba),Keisuke Ohta (violin), Tamaya Honda (drums)

The National Forum of Music(NFM)

26 Nov. 2016

Workshop for children

Koichi Makigami (voice), Daysuke Takaoka(tuba), Keisuke Ohta (violin)

New Horizons Cinema

26-27 Nov. 2016

House concerts

Koichi Makigami (voice),Akikazu Nakamura(shakuhachi), Chizuru Fukuhara (tsuzumi),Michiyo Yagi (koto), Daysuke Takaoka(tuba), Keisuke Ohta (violin), Tamaya Honda (drums)

Private Living Rooms


A floral feast by Japanese musicians, both established masters and young talent.

Organized since 2002 in Wroclaw International Clarinet Festival, CLARIMANIA covers a wide range of artistic and educational projects dedicated to woodwind instruments. Last year’s special Czech Day was a great success and this year we had the privilege to present the Japan Day in cooperation with Japan clarinet association, filled with Japanese music, performed by Japanese artists. The most acknowledged Japanese clarinetists of the older generation and the younger ones delighted Clarimania’s public and international participants with their performances. The guest star of the evening concert was Yoshinobu Kamei – Tokyo Music College professor, whose performance was highly impressive. The afternoon performance of Anna Hashimoto was another highlight of the day – a young, virtuoso player with refined style and a well chosen, delightful program brought the Wrocław Conservatory Concert Hall down. The public appreciated the artists’ level, presented works as well as the repertoire diversity. Japan Day at Clarimania 2016 provided exceptional impressions and unforgettable memories for all the public and musicians participating in the festival.

(Jacob Bokun)


25 Apr. 2016


Wrocław Conservatory (Wroclaw, Poland)

Japanese musicians:

Masaharu Yamamoto  Seiki Shinohe, Shuhei Isobe, Takeshi Nozaki, Hidehito Naka, Yoko Yokota, Anna Hashimoto, Chiho Sugo, Yoshinobu Kamei, Rikuya Terashima, Kaho Asou, Masumi Kitaba

Related programme: 

Date ProgrammeVenue
27 Apr. 2016Lunch concertWroclaw Conservatory
Lecture by Takeshi Nozaki "Clarinet in Japan" 
Japan Gala Evening

The Theater Olympics launched in the year of the Athens Olympics with the aim of international exchange in the performing arts. Performance of Greek tragedy by Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) led by co-founder Tadashi Suzuki.


Ever since we planned to organize Theatre Olympics, we knew there could not have been a better opening for this event, as The Trojan Women by Tadashi Suzuki and Suzuki Company of Toga. The perfection, the precision and the accuracy of performing the performance were the ideal start for the Festival. We – the organizers, the audience, the participants were absolutely honoured to host the Japan theatre emperor in Wrocław. Everything that we were able to see and feel, happened to make us become the witnesses of greatness. The first performance in the Main Programme of Theatre Olympics World as a Place of Truth will stay for a very long time in the memory of Wrocław’s spectators and will be written in the history of European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 as an extraordinary achievement of theatre event.

The participants of workshops and meeting were able to learn the main meaning of Tadashi Susuzki’s work. The tradition and the history of Japanese theatre met with the European audience, who had this amazing opportunity to study the importance of something special and something absolutely unique.

Written by Sabina Majcher


14-16 Oct. 2016


Institute of Power Systems Automation

Participants from Japan: 

SCOT Company directed by Tadashi Suzuki

Related program:

● CONVERSATION - Globalisation and the Theatre’s Mission
Date: 16 Oct. 2016
Venue: Wrocław Puppet Theatre
Participants: Tadashi Suzuki, chaired by Henryk Lipszyc
● Workshop - Culture is the Body
Date: 15-16 Oct. 2016
Venue: Capitol Music Theatre
Participants:  Tadashi Suzuki, Kameron Steele

Noh performance of work by Polish author.

Noh performances of classical pieces and new work incorporating requiem for the dead.

In 2016 the City of Wroclaw will become the European Capital of Culture. One of its most important events is going to be the 7th Theatre Olympics. The festival, “The World as a Place of Truth” will take place from 14 October to 13 November 2016. Its programme will feature productions of some of the world's greatest theatre makers, who will be presented alongside festivals such as the Lower Silesian Theatre Platform, Dziady.Recycling Festival, Eastern Line, Polish Theatre Showcase, and More Than Theatre. The programme will include performances, retrospectives, discussions, symposiums and conferences with many acclaimed theatre practitioners and researchers. The Japanese theatre company, Tessenkai Theatre will present its two productions as a highlight of the program of the festival.


4-5 Nov. 2016


The Center for Performing and Visual Arts 

Participants from Japan: 

Tessenkai Theater


“Chinkon/Repose of Souls” (The Japanese-Polish Noh production), “Kiyotsune”

Related Programme:

●The programme of TESSENKAI Theatre’s visit in Poland includes
 a special memorial-homage event at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial
 and Museum planned for the ALL Souls Day
 Date:  31 Oct. – 1 Nov. 2016
 Venue: Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum/ Oswiecim



Creation by young artists from Japan and Poland on the theme “Two Sticks”

Main outcome of the program was a wide range presentation of Japanese contemporary drawing attitudes and confrontation with Polish artists approach. Contacts and cooperation between Poland and Japan has been developed. There are plans for further cooperation according to Drawing Center, which is going to be established in Wrocław and Tokyo. Wrocław’s audience had chance to see interesting and fresh view on contemporary drawing installations located in specific gothic space, which is inspiring for Japanese artists. Participation of Sadaharu Horio, his live-performance with audience engagement has brought, together with Gutai documentary movie projection, deeper insight into Japanese avant-garde. All events of the program attracted a large number of visitors, who were declaring to see outstanding art in beautiful and demanding venues. A large catalog with rich content will be published in June 2016.

(Daniela Tagowska)


3 Dec. 2015 – 7 Feb. 2016


The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, National Museum, BARBARA, 

BOSA Gallery (Wroclaw, Poland)            

Curator from Japan:  

Fumihiko Sumitomo

Japanese artist: 

Horio Sadaharu, Hiraku Suzuki, Masaya Chiba, Kazuki  Nakahara, Mineki Murata, Chihiro Mori, Masanori Handa, Zon Ito, Ryoko Aoki, Seiji Shimoda, Kengo Kito, Mitsutoshi Burn


Date Programme Japanese artist Venue
3 Dec. 2015 – 31 Jan. 2016 “ TWO STICKS” Horio Sadaharu, Hiraku Suzuki, Masaya Chiba, Kazuki  Nakahara, Mineki Murata, Chihiro Mori, Masanori Handa, Zon Ito, Ryoko Aoki The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław
11-12 Dec. 2015 “IMAGINE” performance meeting Seiji Shimoda, Mineki Murata National Museum
4 Dec. 2015- 3 Jan. 2016 “STRUCTURES” solo exhibition Kengo Kito BARBARA
15 Jan. -7 Feb. 2016 “DRAWING MONSTER”  Mitsutoshi Burn BOSA Gallery

Related programmes:

Date Programme Venue

3-6 Dec. 2015, 29–31 Jan. 2016

Review of drawing animations from “Punto y Raya” Festival (Spain) The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław
4 Dec. 2015 Artist Talk with participants of “TWO STICKS” exhibition BARBARA

4, 9, 10, 12 Dec. 2015

20 Jan. 2016

Drawing Workshops for children and youths BARBARA、The Museum of Architecture, The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design


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