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15 Sep. 1 Nov. 2018


Taito-ku & Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

Participate Japanese artists:

Satoko Sai + Tomoko Kurahara
(URL of artist: www.saikurahara.com)

Other participate artists:

Marja Pirilä, Iris Nuutinen (Pirilä’s assistant)
 (URL of artist: www.marjapirila.com)



1 Apr. 2018


Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, Sakura Hall

Participate Japanese artists:

Gaisma, NHK Tokyo Children Choir, Choir Oedo Choraliers, Waseda Glee Club Choir

Other participate artists:



Related program:

Japan-Latvia Cultural Exchange event, Lecture by the conductor of  Dzintars, Ms. Aira Birzina

・Date: 28 Mar. 2018

・Venue: Nagareyama ”Nagareyama city Otakanomori center”

・Participate Japanese artists: Dzintars, Nagareyama City Chorus Association


Japan-Latvia Music Exchange Concert

・Date: 29 Mar. 2018

・Venue: Abiko City, Keyaki Plaza “Fureai Hall”

・Participate Japanese artists: Dzintars, Abiko City Chorus Association, Koris Bumbieri, Choir Mitsubachi, Chor mine


 25 years Anniversary Japan – Latvia Cultural Exchange Concert

・Date: 30 Mar. 2018

・Venue: Waseda Houshien

・Participate Japanese artists: Waseda Glee Club, Choir Ofu



18 May-1 Jun. 2018


Gallery Hakusen

Participate Japanese artists:

Kinya Tsuruyama, Shinichi Watanabe





3-14 Jul. 2017


Kyoto Seika University, traditional and cultural facilities in Kyoto, etc.

Participate Japanese artists:

Students and graduates of Kyoto Seika University

Participate Danish artists:

Bob Kristiansen, Emil Ernst, Clara Jetsmark


Continuing collaboration between Japanese and Polish artists since Wroclaw 2016 


Date:  15 Sep.- 10 Oct. 2017

Venue: Art Trace Gallery



Date: 12 Dec. 2017 – 8 Jan. 2018

Venue: The E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts- Neon Gallery


Artist from Japan:  

Daisuke Aoyama, Masako Suzuki, Mitsutoshi Burn, Tatsuya Mukaiyama, Masako Hayashi, Tomoyuki Higuchi, Haruka Kudo


Artist from Poland:

Anna Kołodziejczyk, Kamil Moskowczenko, Wojciech Pukocz, Aga Jarząb, Maciej Bączyk, Przemek Pintal, Daniela Tagowska


Contemporary Shiga prefecture captured by Cypriot photographers

This photography project has launched in 1999 to capture contemporary Japan by European photographer’s point of view. In the 19th round of this project, 2 photographers will be invited from Cyprus - one photographer of Turkish Cypriot and another one of Greek Cypriot. They are going to stay and take photographs in Shiga prefecture. 
Cyprus, the country of European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017, has been divided north (Turkish Cypriot) and south (Greek Cypriot) since 1974 due to dispute. From the photographs of Shiga prefecture captured by these photographers, the people in Shiga will rediscover their daily life, and will come in touch with the history and diversity  of Cyprus. These works will be published as photograph book in August 2017 and open to public as the exhibition in Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture and Shiga prefecture. We hope that this project could be an opportunity to encourage mutual understanding between not only Shiga and Cyprus, but also Turkish and Greek Cypriot.


Shiga prefecture

Photographer / Photographing period:

●Ergenc Mehmet Korkmazel(Turkish Cypriot)
 4-27 Nov. 2016

●Constantinos  Taliotis (Greek Cypriot) http://www.constantinostaliotis.com/
  7-28 Mar. 2017

Artistic Director: 

Mikiko Kikuta

For more details of this photography project: https://www.eu-japanfest.org/project/japantoday/


“The Golem” was a collaborative theater project of Czech marionettes and Japanese traditional marionettes.  What message could the lifeless puppets send to living mankind? On the globe nowadays, we observe tendencies to seek sameness and to eliminate foreigners for their religion or thoughts.  We resolved to collaborate with Czech puppet theater with different origin, history and custom compared to ours.  With all the different factors, our collaboration started with string puppets as the guide because that seemed the only common point between us.  Czech in the heart of Europe and Japan at the end of the Silk Road. How could the puppets from these two countries work together to construct a new piece of theater?  It was a tough adventure; but as we confirmed our differences while we discussed and showed techniques to one another, gradually we shared the great theme of “The Golem” (dignity of life) that was the core to create the show.  In the differences lies the meaning of creating shows with puppets.  A national puppet embodies unique thoughts and manners to the art of puppetry that was nurtured in long history of people.  Mutual respect in the course of creation brought us the great success as a result.  Creation through differences.  We believe this is indispensable for a successful international collaboration of theaters.

Written by Isshi Youki


5-12 Jun. 2016


Kanagawa Arts Theater (KAAT) Large Studio

Japanese artists:

  • Marionette(Japan) 
    Isshi Youki, Tamiko Youki, Keita Youki (ITOAYATURININGYOU”ISSHI-ZA”)
  • Music
    Yoko Sonoda
  • Actors
    Sarara Tukifune, Satoru Jitunashi, Keiko Yokota
  • Director
    Tengai Amano
  • Doll Maker
    Yumi Hayashi

Other participated artists:

  • Marionette(Czech) 
    Pavel Prochazka, Hulcova Kristynams
  • Part of Direct
    Zoja Mikotová

Related Programme:

  • Czech×Japan talk show & mini performance
    Date: 30 May 2016
    Venue: Czech Centre Tokyo

Nishiaizu International Art Village and Gallery have invited many artists from European countries and have especially been keeping good relationship with Lithuanian artists and their country. After 5 years from the Great East Japan Earthquake, they restarted the exchange program to invite young Lithuanian artist and send Japanese young artist, Tetsuya TAKIZAWA, an artisan of Japanese Paper. TAKIZAWA plans to have an art exhibition of his art works which will be well researched Lithuanian history and culture on the art making process. He also will have lectures and workshops at the Vilnius Art Academy. Meanwhile, Nishiaizu International Art Village will invite young Lithuanian artist and support his/her creative activities and exhibition in Fukushima and Tokyo.  


1 Sep.-31 Oct. 2016


Vilnus Academy of Arts (Vilnus, Lithuania) 
Nishiaizu International Art Village, Space S (Yama District, Fukushima pref.)

Japanese participant:

TAKIZAWA Tetsuya (Paper artist)

Other participate artists:

Lithuanian artist selected by Lithuania artist federation

Related Program

  • Lecture and workshop by TAKIZAWA Tetsuya
    Date: Sep. or Oct. 2016
    Venue: :Vilnus Academy of Arts , Vilnus city, etc

  • Lecture by Lithuania artist, Workshop 
    Date: Sep. or Oct. 2016
    Venue:Nishiaizu International Art Village, Space S





The exhibition focusing on the drawings by M. Koscielniak, the Holocaust survivor was organized successfully. It was one of the series of successive activities I have dedicated my life for nearly two decades, the artist’ wife entrusted the precious drawings to me whom she put trust the serious writer about Holocaust, to safely preserve and exhibit to as many people as possible in Japan. This lecture that I talked this fact and my determination to return the drawings to Poland gave a great emotion to the audience. And they were given profound insight with the drawings and wish to show them to the next generation as well. In order to respond to the requests, I  am now seeking the way to obtain fund to create the accurate reproduction (replica) of the drawings.

Written by Michiko Nomura

Replicas to be completed:

Mid. Oct. 2016

Drawing creators:

J. Komski, M.Koscielniak, Terezin's children

Related Programs:

・Drawing by Holocaust Survivors-Exhibition

    Date: 4-12 Jun. 2016

    Venue: Gallery X 

 Staffs: Sonoko Yamazaki (editor), Keiko Murakami( A-bomb victim in Hiroshima)

・Lecture of the drawings by Holocaust survivors

     Date:4-5 Jun. 2016

     Speaker:Michiko Nomura (Writer, editor, collector of the works), Sonoko Yamazaki (editor)

・ Study visit to Poland and Czech/ Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum and Terezin memorial Museum

     Date: 2-9 Mar. 2016

     Participants: Michiko Nomura with her 16 colleagues

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