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Japanese Martial Arts Festival (NAMI Foundation)

Wroclaw, Poland

Traditional Culture


23-24 Sep. 2017


“Parkowa” Sports Hall  (Wroclaw, Poland)    

Japanese participants:

Hironobu Yamashiro, Hidefumi Ishizaka, Norio Furuichi, Etsuji Horii, and other

Related Program:

●Kendo Seminar
 Date:14~16 Jul.,  2017
 Venue:”Parkowa” Sports Hall
 Participant from Japan:Hironobu Yamashiro, Hidefumi Ishizaka, and 4 assistants
●Kyudo Seminar
 Date:21~24 Sep.,  2017
    Venue:Sports Hall in Sobotka

 Participant from Japan:Delegation of IKYF to be specified later (3 persons)
●Iaido Seminar 
 Date:23~28 Sep., 2017
 Venue:”Parkowa” Sports Hall
 Participant from Japan:Norio Furuichi
●Aikido Seminar
    Date:23~27 Sep., 2017
 Venue:Multipurpose Sports Hall at AWF 
 Participant from Japan:Etsuji Horii

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