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Dance Group UNIK: Performances and workshops in Tohoku

UNIK Sendai city, Rifu-cho, Higashine city, Iwaki city, Miharu-cho, Katsuraomura, Tomioka-cho, Japan

With the cooperation of Flanders Center (Osaka), the dance group "UNIK" is coming to Japan from Belgium where contemporary dance is very popular. UNIK aims to make contemporary dance accessible to the masses by introducing their interactive dance performance in a unique way.
This time, they are going to visit schools in Tohoku, where it was suffered enormous damage by the massive earthquake on March 11th, in order to have workshops and performance with local school children and dance instructors.
This program has been arranged and executed by people in the dance field, teachers and other local people who were involved with this project in each city. Besides UNIK members, Japanese dancers and audiences are going to participate in the performance called "U-Party", which is created with the audiences and all people who are there. Through this program, we hope that many people will enjoy dancing and discover how contemporary dance is interesting, and it will enrich their daily life in the long run.


20 Oct. 2011[1]Performances and workshop for 2nd grade + physically challenged childrenShiromaru elementary school(Sendai city, Miyagi pref.)
[2]Performances and workshop for 4th grade and 5th grade children
Workshop for dance teachers and advanced dancers.Seinen Bunka Center(Sendai city, Miyagi pref.)
21 Oct. 2011[1]Workshop in Dance class(16,18 ages)Rifu high school(Miyagi-gun Rifu-cho, Miyagi pref.)
[2]Workshop in Dance class(16,17 ages)
Performance and workshop with dance teachers in Yamagata pref.Higashine shimin gymnasium arena(Higashine city, Yamagata)
22 Oct. 2011Joint Performance with Akabeko EnbutaiMiharu Kouryukan Mahora hall (Miharu-cho, Fukushima pref.)
23 Oct. 2011Performances in front of Miharu no sato hotelMiharu no sato Denen Seikatsukan (Miharu-cho Fukushima pref.)
25 Oct. 2011Performance and workshop for 145 studentsEna elementary school(Iwaki city, Fukushima pref.)
Performance and workshop for 100 (16 year old) studentsYotsukura high school(Iwaki city, Fukushima pref.)


Participated Japanese Dancers
20-21 Oct. 2011:Yoshinobu Fukube
22-23 Oct. 2011: Michiko Kano, Kotomi Yaegashi
     25 Oct. 2011: Noriko Kumagai (nomade~s:Artistic Director, Choreographer)

Cooperation: Flanders Center




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UNIK VZW operates in the domain of dance and performing arts. This organization was created by members and former members of the Bal Moderne team in order to continue the fun with a new twist.
UNIK offers various events. The U-Party which takes the public into the wonderful world of dance through fascinating choreographies. Bal Global, a multicultural bal with live music! In addition, workshops in all kinds of disciplines for all levels and ages are offered.