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International Youth in Concert in Turku2011

Turku 2011- European Capital of Culture

The 8th International Youth in Concert will be held under the auspices of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 and Turku 2011 with the participation and cooperation of local choirs.

The European Union has anointed Turku, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia as European Capitals of Culture for 2011. Singing is very popular in both countries, particularly in Estonia, where most of their folklore was passed down through folk songs, and it has become essential for them to sing these songs to show their identity. Sparked by a 1989 concert attended by 300,000 people eager to be liberated from the Soviet Union, the Estonians ultimately achieved a bloodless independence.

Since 2004, "The International Youth in Concert" has aimed to encourage European and Japanese young people to share their daily musical activities, learn about different cultures from each other, and develop strong ties beyond national boundaries through programs such as workshops, concerts, visiting local schools and institutions, and interacting with a host family.
Through the program, we hope that these young people will be inspired by different cultures, and have an opportunity to see music, their lives and culture from a new point of view. We also look forward to the deepening of ties between countries through music, and a continuing contribution to raising the children who will be responsible for the future.

In Japan, there have been many challenges and obstacles since the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 11th.
We expect that the Japanese choirs' participation in the festival will encourage people in Tohoku area who are making a great effort to reconstruct the region, while at the same time showing European countries that Japan is doing fine and strong.

Date: 19-21 Sep. 2011

<Joint concert>
Date: 20 Sep. 2011
Venue: St. Michael Church




Miyagi Sanjo OG Choir (Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture)

Miyagi Sanjo OG Choir
(Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture)

Choir Clair (Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture)

Choir "Clair" (Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture)

unior Chorus Raw-Ore

Junior Chorus "Raw-Ore"
(Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture)

Ami Choeur (Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture)

Ami Choeur (Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture)

Harmony Sun Smile Chorus (Shibushi-city, Kagoshima prefecture)

Harmony Sun Smile Chorus
(Shibushi-city, Kagoshima prefecture)


[Turku, Finland]
Chorus Crescens Iuniorum(Puolala and Puolalanmäki Schools)
Chorus Iucundus(Puolala and Puolalanmäki Schools)

Related program


Date: 19-21 Sep. 2011

Visit to Puolala School

Date: 19, 20 Sep. 2011
Programs: Joint rehearsal, chorus workshop, school lunch, concert for the students (for elementary school students / for junior and high school students), and other

Joint performance with Finnish choirs for Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel

Date: 20 Sep. 2011

Visit to nursing homes

Date: 20 Sep. 2011
Venue: Portsa koti, Ruusukortteol

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