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President of Estonian Choral Association / Conductor:Music Workshops by Mr. Aarne Saluveer

  Miyagi, Fukushima, Kagoshima, Japan
Music Workshops by Mr. Aarne Saluveer

Ena Elementary School, Fukushima

World famous Estonian Conductor Mr. Aarne Saluveer, President of Estonian Choral Association from European Capital of Culture Tallinn2011 visited Japan. He had music workshops for youth choirs and schools in the earthquake stricken area, Sendai city, Miyagi pref. and Iwaki city, Fukushima pref.. He also visited Shibushi city, Kagoshima pref. which is great place for intarnational music exchange activities, such as International Music Concert for Youth every year.



<Sendai city, Miyagi pref.>
29 May
●Workshop with Miyagi Sanjo OG Choir
  [For 20 female chorus]
30 May●Workshop at Sendai Daiichi Junior High School
  [For 15 students of the mixed chorus club]


<Iwaki city, Fukushima pref.>
31 May●Workshop at Ena Elementary School, Fukushima
  [For 60 students of 5th and 6th grader]
 ●Workshop at Yotsukura High School, Fukushima
  [For 20 students of 2nd grader]


<Shibushi city, Kagoshima pref.>
2 Jun.●Workshop at Shibushi High School
  [For 45 members of the brass band]
 ●Workshop with Harmony Sun Smile choir
  [24 people from elementary to high school students]
3 Jun.●Workshop at Katsuki Elementary School
  [60 students of 3rd grader]
 ●Workshop at Shibushi Junior High School
  [For 35 students of 1st grader]



Aarne Saluveer (Producer, Conductor and Educator)

Aarne Saluveer is one of the most active estonian figures in the international music scene - a producer, conductor and educator. He is Founder/Artistic Director several internationally renowned music groups e.g. Estonian TV Girls' Choir.
Mr Saluveer is President of Estonian Choral Association and a Board member of IFCM, European Federation of Young Choirs Europa Cantat, Estonian Music Council and Council of World Choir Games founder members of Estonian Society for Music Education and its first Chairman.
He has has been articstic director concerts to HM Elizabeth II and Their Majesties Japanese Emperor and Empress in Estonia, of Anniversary Concert of Estonian Republic, composed and arranged music for diverse pop music projects, performed as an instrumentalist and vocalist, Eurovision song contests and internatinal broadcasts included.
Since 1993 he has Artistic Director at Estonian Song Celebrations, X Youth Song Celebration Ilmapuu (2007): open-air concert uniting joint choir of 20 000 singers, symphony orchestras, wind orchestras and 100 000 auditors.

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