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Photography Project
"European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today"

European Eyes on Japan 9
Workshop by Cuny Janssen in Tanaka Isson Memorial Museum of Art
(September, 2008)
Ongoing since 1999, this project consists in inviting to Japan photographers who are working in Europe to record for posterity images of the various prefectures of Japan on the theme of contemporary Japanese people and how they live their lives. We hope that this collection will prove an opportunity for Japanese to reacquaint themselves with aspects of our daily lives that we have tended to overlook and for Europeans to deepen their understanding of Japan and become more familiar with the distant presence of our distant Far Eastern country.

The photographs shot in various locations around Japan are collected the following year in the "European Eyes on Japan" publications and in exhibitions featured in cities throughout Japan and Europe. Works that have completed the exhibition circuit are then donated to their prefectures of origin as part of the cultural heritage of their later generations.

■ European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today vol.1〜11
Year Place Artistic Directors
11 2008 Niigata Artistic Director:
Mikiko Kikuta
10 2007 Shizuoka・Nagasaki・Ibaraki Artistic Director:
Mikiko Kikuta
9 2006 Municipalities in Kagoshima Artistic Director:
Mikiko Kikuta
8 2005 Fukushima・Saga Artistic Director:
Mikiko Kikuta
7 2004 Iwate・Kanagawa・Gifu Artistic Director:
Mikiko Kikuta
6 2003 Sendai・Nara・Wakayama Artistic Directors:
Mikiko Kikuta
Caroline David (Lille 2004)
5 2002 YamagataOita Artistic Directors:
Mikiko Kikuta
Christine Frisinghelli (Camera Austria)
Frits Gierstberg (nederlands foto instituut)
4 2001 Okayama・Hiroshima Artistic Directors:
Mikiko Kikuta
Frits Gierstberg (nederlands foto instituut)
Kurt Vanbelleghem (Brugge 2002/A Prior)
3 2000 Gunma・Yamanashi・Aichi・Yamaguchi・Kumamoto Chief Artistic Curator: Goro Kuramochi
Editor: Kazue Kuramochi
Artistic Director: Gabriel Bauret
Supervisor: Jean Bach
2 2000 Fukuoka・Miyazaki・Okinawa
<Kyushu and Okinawa Summit special commemoration program>
1 1999 Hokkaido・Ishikawa・Hyogo・Ehime・Shimane
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